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Sponsorship: School computers

 Sponsoring schoolcomputersSponsoring schoolcomputers Suriname

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Sponsorship: School meals

With the sale of the special Aruban neckties we support a special charity project in Aruba. Part of the proceeds go to the foundation "Ban Uni ManPa Nos Muchanan ."

This organization provides each day at various schools breakfast or lunch, usually because some children come to school without eating. We have signed a sponsorship contract with the foundation.

Sponsoring Aruba CharityAruba-charity-Goede doelen


Sponsoring: Benefit concert for victims of huricane 'Tomas'

With the sales of the Curaçao necktie, we support a special charity in Curacao. Part of the proceeds we'll  donate to the Red Cross to help victims from hurricane Tomas. In this context we sponsor the benefit concert: Ban Yuda Korsou (laten we Curaçao een handje helpen).